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If you have ever moved into a new neighborhood, you probably know the hassle that comes to deciding whether to rekey the lock or change them altogether. Most people are not sure whether to rekey and change their locks, but this article is going to help you decide the best option. Why is crucial considered changing instead of raking and the benefits of rescuing?

What is rekeying the lock?

You might wonder what rekeying the lock means. Rekeying the lock means you change the current key to your lock and replace it with a different one. In simpler words, rekeying means you keep the same lock, but use a different key instead of the old key. The process of rekeying is simple. A locksmith will open the lock, remove some parts before replacing them and replacing the key altogether. Every key has series. These series corresponds with a specific key, meaning once you change the series, you must use the key that corresponds with it.

To successfully rekey the lock, the locksmith should have the current matching before opening and rekey it. Without the matching key, there is no way the key can be changed.

Why rekey

  • There are scenarios when rekeying is the better option than changing the lock.
  • You love your lock, but want to change the keys so that some people cannot access your home anymore.
  • Then you move to a new place
  • When you have different locks and want a single key that matches the locks.

There are many reasons why one considers changing the lock to their existing homes or a new apartment nor home. Here are some….

  • You want a different design or color that fits your decor
  • When upgrading your home security and installing electronic locks or high-security locks
  • If you want locks from the same brand or using the same electronic system

Should you rekey or change the lock?

The decision whether to rekey or change the lock depends on the homeowner. Despite the fact that rekeying is cheaper than changing the locks, there are situations when changing the locks is better than rekeying.

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